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PER: Player Efficiency Rating During this episode, we take a look at PER, its place in history, how it’s calculated, and what it looks like when you look at past seasons with it.    My article breaking down PER:   Twitter: Instagram: Blog:

Regularized Adjusted Plus/Minus (RAPM)

Welcome back to another edition of Basketball, Stat. Hopefully you enjoyed the last post I did on PER. As a follow up, I wanted to do a post covering Regularized Adjusted Plus/Minus (RAPM). For those of you who might have missed the first post or introduction, I wanted to do a series covering many of …

What is “Basketball, Stat”

I’ve always been obsessed in finding value that others don’t see. Perhaps it has to do with feeling that I played this role in teams growing up, but I’ve always believed that the “stars” in teams, whether or not it’s a sports team, receive much more credit than they should (win or lose), and then …